The Dedicated MSK MRI

ARMOUS is a showcase of engineering proficiency, commitment, and pride. It represents an unparalleled effort in providing better imaging experience to patients and radiologists.

ARMOUS is the long awaited Dedicated Open Extremity MRI System. ARMOUS sitting position imaging is extremely ergonomic and the total openness design provides unparalleled patient comfort.


ARMOUS has comprehensively considered its value and influence in the Radiology and Orthopedic departments. In the Radiology department, ARMOUS is the ideal companion, ‘Side-Kick’, to their existing whole-body MRI scanner.

All extremity MR imaging can be offloaded to ARMOUS and thereby helps Radiologist in optimizing their workflow, reduces patient wait time and increases patient throughput.

In the Orthopedic department, having ARMOUS who has a small foot print in the department and independently operated, allows minimum wait time for the patient to undergo an MRI scan. This will greatly save patient and orthopedic surgeon diagnosis and treatment time and cost.

Advanced, Smart, and Safe.

Designed for quick and effortless maneuvering of patient to a variety of imaging positions enabling accurate positioning of the MSK regions to the imaging center for fast and high quality MR imaging and most comfortable scanning experience.

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ARMOUS Recommendation

Product Specifications

Esaote OScan Comparison

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