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mecDevice Pharma International (mecDPI) is a pharmaceutical and medical device distribution company, engaged in the global introduction of cutting-edge technology and first-in-class products.

mecDPI is headquartered in South Florida with extensive global distribution channels. With over 200 employees dedicated to sales and sales support, we are able to open new markets for your products, generating sales.

mecDPI is an affiliate of Medical Engineering Consultants, a company dedicated to help pharmaceutical and medical device companies expand their capabilities by accessing additional knowledge and expertise to support staff or contractors. Learn more about MEC.

We Can Guide You The Whole Way.


We have the necessary infrastructure to register, distribute and market your products with capable resources such as trained regulatory professionals, free trade zone warehousing, sales staff, and trained product engineers.


Through direct transportation networks, we are capable of distributing your product in different regions such the Americas, Middle East and Far East. With ease, security and efficiency.


We can manage and distribute with a wide variety of products. Anything from capital equipment like MRIs to everyday items such as disposable needles, gloves, etc.

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“mecDevice Pharma International and Dynamix International Group have built global business relationships in the past 20 years. Our driving principle has been to create a network where companies that fuel the global growth can prosper and make the most of their opportunities.”

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